Brian McCann and Tom Costales with their dogs Muuki and Harper Lee. Courtesy of Brian McCann

COVID-19: Its Journey Since December 2019: A look at reported specs and a firsthand account from a N.C. gay couple

David Aaron Moore September 4, 2020 North Carolina residents and married couple Brian McCann and Tom Costales know first-hand how devastating the impact of COVID-19 can truly be. Both men became infected and extremely ill, were hospitalized, fought the illness and have lived to tell their stories. Initially it was…
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LGBTQ Cohousing in Durham

Cohousing with a community of LGBTQ seniors provides for a unique way to live in place. (Photo Credit: Village Hearth Cohousing) Chris Rudisill March 20, 2020 In a series of investigative stories, qnotes is examining solutions around the country that could positively impact affordable housing opportunities in Charlotte, with the specific interests…
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