College & Career Connections

Life is Bigger Than College

Hey guys! My name is Kouame N’Dri, I am 18 years old and I am a software developer for Midan marketing. I have been on a nontraditional path and would love to share my journey with you. The point of this piece isn’t to give advice, but provide a perspective…
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mental health

College Mental Health Matters

What do you need to know about college mental health? During a time of stress, change, and new experiences, it’s important to start thinking about managing your own mental health. Included here, you will find some context, research, and a few suggestions to help you stay informed and proactive about…
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a beginners guide to college applications

Beginner’s Guide to College Applications

Deciding to go to college is a big decision—and narrowing down a list of potential schools can become overwhelming. Many traditional students start the application process in their junior year of high school, while some start thinking about schools and options as early as their sophomore year. Though applying is…
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resume for beginners

Resumes for Beginners

So you need a resume but don’t know where to start? Resume writing doesn’t have to be a difficult process. In this module the student will use Central Piedmont Community College’s Career Coach website to create a professional resume.

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