photo of school supplies. Back to School: Home Reading Helper, Elise Esasky

Back to School: Home Reading Helper

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Five reasons to use THIS EARLY LITERACY TOOL this school year We know searching online for resources and trusted direction can not only be daunting but, at times, expensive. Last fall, Read Charlotte launched a new website designed specifically for parents to help their kids with reading & writing skills:…
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child and dandelion puff

Get Kids Outside

Fall is around the corner and along with school, changing leaves, and pumpkins comes cooler weather.  This is a great time to get outside!  There are plenty of ways to entertain the little ones outside, but some require you to think outside the box, or the house in this case.…
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Working Mom Guilt

Some days the working mom guilt is intense.    I can list hundreds of reasons that having a working mama is the right choice for my family right now.  But when your toddler is looking at you, teary-eyed, and asking to stay with you for the day, those reasons don’t…
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lots of vegetables in all colors.

Sneaky Mom: Winning the Picky Eater War

Raise your hand if you have a picky eater in the house? Does every meal seem to be a battle of patience and bribing? Do you spend most family dinners trying to sweet talk your little one into eating a new vegetable, or anything other than chicken nuggets? I have been there! Almost every parent has…
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rainy window

Rainy Day Games

It’s safe to say that all of Charlotte has been feeling the wrath of Mother Nature over the past 12-18 months, but those of us with small humans in the house have had it especially bad.  It’s not easy getting in and out of the car with kids in the rain, and it makes one more trip to the aquarium,…
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aquarium with red and green plants


A summer of learning and fun! Are you looking for educational activities to ENTERTAIN and ENGAGE your preschooler this summer? Consider combining SENSORY PLAY with SMALL WORLD PLAY. This is a simple and inexpensive option that offers hours of fun as well as numerous developmental benefits for your child. SENSORY PLAY…
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picture of child's hand holding beets

Playing in the Garden

Gardening is the ultimate wholesome family activity. It is good for our planet and our health. To me, there is nothing better on a hot summer day in Charlotte than a BLT with tomatoes from your own garden whether they were grown in a pot or in the backyard. Children love to…
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