What Is The Living Archives?

Living Archives is three-year initiative to gather, preserve and share local histories—stories, documents, visual imagery and memories—about the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on Black, Hispanic, Asian, Indigenous and other minority communities in Mecklenburg County. The Library will act as a convener, partner, and project guide, leveraging our community trust and reach to bring residents into the project.

To make sure that no one’s COVID story is lost, mis-represented or ignored, these narratives will add critical context to our shared history and build a rich archive for future generations as we work toward a more equitable future.

Combining education, the arts, community engagement, leadership development and the power of co-created, grassroots knowledge, the project will put documentary storytelling tools into the hands of neighborhood residents to capture experiences across Mecklenburg County. Long-term, the stories and materials collected through the Living Archive Project will be open-sourced and shared through exhibits, digitally interactive experiences, performances, town meetings and other means that promote ongoing collaboration.

Essential Workers' Stories

Courage Born of Caring: Robert Merriwether, RN

The Choice  He woke up alone in a hotel room in NYC with a fever of 99.2 degrees. Not a big ugly deal — under normal circumstances. But on that spring day in 2020, normal circumstances were mere memories. Robert Merriwether had left family and home behind in Charlotte to serve as a registered nurse at…
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Ruby Red Welcome

Three huge ruby red rose bushes welcome everybody to the West Boulevard Library. They’ve never met a careful gardener, but they thrive anyway. No matter what. You can always count on them.   Today is the kind of…
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Caring for the Community: Joshua Fernandez

Compare Foods is the kind of supermarket that knows its customers inside out and thrives away from the wealthier parts of our city. It’s part of a local, family-owned company. As I pick up my cart, the security guard gives me…
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COVID Conversations

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