What is Engage 2020?

Charlotte Mecklenburg Library has partnered with the Digital Public Library of America to build a collaborative digital collection focused on the roles and experiences of Black women in the Women’s Suffrage Movement. Please visit https://dp.la/ for a one-stop digital discovery experience and access to millions of materials from a large national network of partners.

As a part of this project, the Library invites you to engage in events, programs, and exhibits that look back at our history and move us all forward toward a better future by:

  • Taking the 2020 Census which continues the civic duty to count everyone living in America. Every 10 years since 1790, the Decennial Census provides valuable data for the distribution of funds and political power.
  • Celebrating the centennial of the 19th Amendment giving women the right to vote.
  • Increasing participation of women (especially women of color) in public and civic leadership.
  • Looking at the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on individuals in our community.
  • Embracing the emergence of contemporary social movements including women’s rights, voting rights and civic activism.

Upcoming Events

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We are grateful to Mayor Vi Lyles who has added her support and name to the Library’s project, agreeing to act as the Honorary Chair of the Engage 2020 initiative.

It is our pleasure to thank the following elected officials who have agreed to be a part of the Honorary Committee for Engage 2020.  We recognize and appreciate these women and their commitment to serve the residents of Mecklenburg County.

Honorary Committee Members

  • Alma Adams, US House of Representatives, District 12
  • Dimple Ajmera, City Council At Large
  • Mary Belk, NC House of RepresentativesDistrict 88
  • Thelma Byers-Bailey, Board of Education, District 2
  • Becky Carney, NC House of Representatives, District 102
  • Christy Clark, NC House of Representatives, District 98
  • Elyse Dashew, Board of Education at Large
  • Jennifer De la Jara, Board of Education at Large
  • Julie Eiselt, City Council At Large
  • Renee Garner, Board of Commissioners, Town of Matthews
  • Rachel Hunt, NC House of Representatives, District 103
  • Ruby Jones, Board of Education, District 3
  • Carolyn Logan, NC House of Representatives, District 101
  • Natasha Marcus, NC State Senate, District 41
  • Autumn Rierson, Michael Board of Commissioners, Town of Davidson
  • Victoria Watlingon, City Council, District 3

Digital Public Library of America

The DPLA has a new project powered by Pivotal Ventures that will highlight the role of Black women in the suffrage movement.