Your Vote Counts

Whichever way you vote — this is the most pivotal year in my lifetime and everybody keeps saying that. This is the most pivotal time in my lifetime where we’ll see where we’ll be going in the future. What is America? What are we moving forward?

Getting people out here to vote. Bringing more awareness and making a change. We can’t talk about change unless we’re actually actively trying to make the change.

Voting Stories

Hear Charlotte-Mecklenburg voters share stories of why they’re voting, what they believe is important, and the issues they hope to affect as an outcome of the 2020 election. Click the play button below, or on a captivating title, to play an audio clip.

Turnout Matters

North Carolina Early Voting Turnout


Turnout Percentage for Mecklenburg County


Mecklenburg County Ballots Cast by Mail


Mecklenburg County Early Voting in Person


For more official voting information visit the North Carolina State Board of Elections Voter Turnout Statistics.

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