Multi-Family Homes In South Charlotte Show Most Promise, Consultant Says

Nick de la Canal, WFAE 90.7

Some Charlotte neighborhoods are preparing for redevelopment in the next several years after the city’s 2040 Comprehensive Plan approved duplexes and triplexes in areas where there are now single-family homes. But which neighborhoods are likely to be redeveloped? WFAE’s “Morning Edition” guest host Nick de la Canal talked with The Charlotte Ledger Business Journal’s Tony Mecia about what a study commissioned by Charlotte City Council found in the latest BizWorthy.

This week, a City Council committee got a report from a consultant that looked at where multi-family homes might be built.

“And what it found was that it seems to skew mostly towards south Charlotte in areas where there’s already a bunch of redevelopment, teardowns of houses, newer construction going up, that sort of thing,” Mecia said. “And I think the idea was that this might help allay some of the concerns about the redevelopment of vulnerable neighborhoods.”

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