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United by a shared commitment to the power of storytelling, the Charlotte Journalism Collaborative brings together journalists, news organizations and community institutions to create a more informed and engaged Charlotte.

At a time when local news and information is threatened by political division and economic challenges, the CJC is built on the idea that we can do more together, than we can alone.

Why support us

  • The CJC is addressing the critical issues that residents face through rigorous and collaborative solutions journalism. Our stories go beyond the problem, and our work amplifies information in every community of Charlotte.
  • The CJC reflects the needs of diverse communities, creates space for leaders to navigate and discuss complex issues, and supports solutions that advance greater equity in the Charlotte region.

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Funding for the Charlotte Journalism Collaborative is administered by Queens University of Charlotte, a 501(c)(3) organization and home of the James L. Knight School of Communication. Donations to the Charlotte Journalism Collaborative are administered through a fund at Queens University of Charlotte, and are tax deductible to the extent of the law. Tax ID #56-0530003

Finding solutions, informing communities, together.

Since its launch, the collaboration has proven to be a successful model of investigating and reporting news with a primary focus on solutions to community problems. It has had a profound impact on the way that news happens in Charlotte and the way that our community responds to issues. Our work is about seeking solutions for the well-being of Charlotte’s residents, making access to trusted information a reality for all in our community, and strengthening those vital connections that can make positive change and drive informed development of the city’s future. As we continue to create opportunities for connection among city leaders, residents and local news organizations, we believe that the key to a vibrant and thriving city is a strong local news community.

2023 Impact Report

What’s in our future?

  • Robust collaborative journalism projects that focus on solutions
  • Programs that bridge information gaps in Charlotte and build trust
  • Community-centered programs to help storytellers in our neighborhoods shape tomorrow’s headlines
  • Training partnerships to increase news collaborations across N.C.


The Charlotte Journalism Collaborative (CJC) was launched by the Solutions Journalism Network in 2019 with funding from the Knight Foundation, and is supported by a combination of local and national grants and sponsorships.