Under the Covers with Fabi Preslar

Fabi Preslar

Fabulous F Words of Business Ownership

In this Under the Covers episode, we meet Fabi Preslar author of “Fabulous F Words of Business Ownership: Redefining Choice Words to Fuel Your Small Business.”

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Learn More About This Episode
Learn More About This Episode

Fabi knows what it’s like to fail in business. Her father failed when she was young and her family lost everything. It happened in her family’s previous generation, too, and yet, she always wanted to be a business owner and it shows in the awards she has received along the roller coaster ride she calls owning a small business.

This book is about creating and growing a business. It’s part memoir and part how-to and how-not-to when running a business. From fear, failure, and fatigue to faith, flourish, and fusion, “Fabulous F Words of Business Ownership” chronicles one business owner’s footsteps and the choice words she redefined to fuel her small business.

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