Many are currently searching for employment, perhaps more people than ever before in our lifetime. Whether you have changed jobs recently and feel comfortable navigating an online environment or are dusting off a resumé that hasn’t been touched in years, this is a vulnerable place to be. Our full attention may be on the very real need to get an income stream flowing. It can be desperate at times and incredibly discouraging to send out emails or applications without knowing when or if we will hear back.

In this time of seeking, we may forget about our own physical, mental and emotional needs, which may be different in a time of increased stress. It is important to periodically take a break from the intensity of a job search/application process and check-in with ourselves to see what is needed.

A few questions to consider:
  • How am I feeling (physically, mentally, emotionally)?
  • When was the last time I completely relaxed?
  • Am I eating foods that support my health needs?
  • Am I getting enough physical activity to feel strong and vibrant?
  • How am I talking to myself? Is it in alignment with my goals? Is it kind?
  • What am I passionate about? Have I allowed myself time to pursue that?
  • Is the media I am consuming contributing to a positive outlook?
  • Am I connecting daily to the natural world?
  • Am I connecting to people who are supportive of me and my goals?
  • Am I exploring other outlets for education or support in my job search?

Then, most importantly, if you find areas where you have neglected yourself, take a moment to shift the day’s plan and allow for rest, nutrition, or a phone call to a special friend. The ways we care for ourselves each day allow us to be the very best version of ourselves when we interact with the world. When you’re well-rested, have eaten a healthy meal, and taken a moment to reflect on what is needed, you are likely to feel more confident.

Don’t forget to take advantage of the many free resources the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library offers to support your job search. The Library offers a resume review service, job coaching, daily job postings and a multitude of online resources and workshops to help position you for success in your next job

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