Rookie Science: Fizz Inflator

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Video Transcript:

Hi, my name is Miss Alicia from Charlotte Mecklenburg Library, and I also work in children’s services. For this segment of rookie science, we are going to build our very own fizz inflator by creating an acid base reaction also known as a chemical reaction.

Add a half cup of vinegar—which is the acid—to an empty plastic soda or water bottle. And then you want to take one small balloon and make sure you stretch it out for a few seconds and then attach it to a funnel as you see here. Or you can use a piece of paper and tape to make a funnel yourself. Next you want to use baking soda—which is the base—to fill the balloon a little more than halfway as you can see here. So, once you have that completed, you want to carefully place the neck of the balloon over the top of the bottle, just like this. And then gently lift up the balloon so that the baking soda can fall into the bottle.

Can you see the acid base reaction in action? When the two are combined, they create a gas known as carbon dioxide, and that gas must be released, so it fills up the bottle and inflates the balloon. Thank you for watching!

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