Bob Henderson — Teaching Elder: On Life and Meaning

Bob HendersonBob Henderson is senior minister and head of staff of Covenant Presbyterian Church in Charlotte, North Carolina. His ministry is focused on the centrality of worship, on pastoral care, and on vibrant mission programs. Bob previously served as senior pastor at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Greensboro, North Carolina. Prior to Westminster, Bob was associate pastor of the Eastminster Presbyterian Church in Stone Mountain, Georgia. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in religion and economics from Furman University, his Master of Divinity degree from Princeton Theological Seminary and a Doctor of Ministry degree from Columbia Theological Seminary.

This episode is perfect for anyone interested in the Presbyterian church, faith in public life, gay marriage, white privilege, the changing language of proclamation, and what is true. 

In This Episode
In This Episode


  • Bob explains what makes a Presbyterian church a Presbyterian church.

  • He identifies the core principles of Presbyterianism, including the priesthood of all believers, that God alone is lord of the conscious, and faith in public life.

  • Bob explains the position of the Presbyterian church nationally and the evolution of his own thinking on gay marriage.

  • He addresses why the Presbyterian church nationally is 90% white and its past participation in white supremacy in America.

  • Bob considers religious life in America and what revival in the Presbyterian church would look like.

  • Bob talks about growing up on the East Coast, what he learned from his parents, and how he came to the church.

  • He shares a crisis of faith during a mission in college, what was formative during his time in theological school, his first years as a minister, and a mid-career reflection.

  • Bob discusses how his language of proclamation is changing, the authority of the Bible, his favorite theologians, and what he knows is true.

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