Michael Graff — Along The Way: On Life and Meaning

Michael GraffMichael Graff is a freelance writer and editor. His work has appeared in The Guardian, Garden & GunPOLITICOSUCCESSWashingtonianOur StateSouthwest: The Magazine, and SB Nation Longform. He writes a monthly column for the back page of Charlotte magazine, where he served as editor from 2013 to 2017. Previously, Michael served as a senior editor and writer at Our State magazine, and as the Sunday enterprise writer and a sports writer at the Fayetteville Observer. He has received multiple notable selections in Best American Sports Writing and Best American Essays. Michael earned a bachelor’s degree in English from High Point University.

This episode is perfect for anyone interested in freelance writing, storytelling, back roads, and a big questions that informs a life. 

In This Episode
In This Episode


  • Michael explains what he does and how he thinks of his work.
  • He shares the most profound essay he has written.
  • He reveals the question that drives most of his writing.
  • He considers the topic that all his writing explores.
  • Michael tells a story about his father.
  • He addresses what to do with this life.
  • He describes how he goes about his work as a story teller.
  • He explains why reporting is far more interesting to him than writing.
  • Michael discusses how being an editor informs his work as a writer.
  • He shares how an editor changed his life as an editor and writer.
  • He talks about why he tells stories and what moment he tries to find in his writing.
  • He answers whether he writes for an audience or for himself.
  • Michael explains quotes from writers and photographers about his work.
  • He identifies what he is intense about and what he believes in.
  • He answers whether success is on his mind and whether he feels successful.
  • He talks about his childhood and how it informs who he is today.
  • Michael reveals the most freeing thing he has encountered.
  • He addresses whether he wants to be considered a great Southern story teller.
  • He shares the story he wants told about him.

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