Laura Neff — True Belonging: On Life and Meaning

Laura NeffLaura Neff is an organizational transformation and leadership development consultant and coach for Dorrier Underwood, an organizational and executive development consulting firm. Before joining Dorrier Underwood in 2016, Laura founded and led her own practice as an executive coach for emerging leaders for ten years, co-founded Nourish, LLC, an organic, vegan meal delivery service, and launched Cresswell Communications, a strategic communications and training firm. Her career began at NationsBank/Bank of America, where she was VP, Technology & Operations Strategic Internal Communications. She is a past president of the International Coach Federation, Charlotte Chapter. Laura earned a Bachelor’s degree in English from James Madison University.

This episode is perfect for anyone interested in executive and personal coaching, how to know a good coach, speaking people into themselves, and the journey we are all on. 

In This Episode
In This Episode


  • Laura explains the sweet spot of Dorrier Underwood.
  • She shares what attracted her to coaching and how to know a good coach.
  • She addresses the difference between business coaching and personal coaching.
  • She answers what lights her up and when she is most distressed.
  • Laura discusses the relationship that is for her the purest form of companionship.
  • She reveals the deepest story that she carries about herself.
  • She talks about how she grew up in and what her parents taught her.
  • She shares a formative experience she had in 6th grade and what she struggled with in high school.
  • Laura reflects on her time in college at SUNY Fredonia and later at James Madison University.
  • She notes when she began to find her way back to herself and what began her path toward coaching.
  • She tells a story about meeting her husband and touring the country with him in a converted school bus.
  • She talks about starting Charlotte’s first urban consumer supported agriculture market.
  • Laura reflects on ‘speaking people into themselves.’
  • She discusses co-founding Nourish, a prepared, organic, vegan delivery service.
  • She answers how Dorrier Underwood is helping her grow as a person.
  • She explores staying to belong.
  • Laura answers what’s possible for her and what journey we are all on.

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