Amy Aussieker — Many Lives Many Masters: On Life and Meaning

Amy AussiekerAmy Aussieker is executive director of Envision Charlotte, a public-private collaboration leading an effort to make the City of Charlotte a global Smart City. Before joining Envision Charlotte, Amy served as a strategic consultant for businesses in marketing, fundraising, social media and public relations. She served as a business development and community affairs executive with a commercial construction company and as Group Vice President for Sales and Marketing for the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce, where she was responsible for leadership, fundraising and community relations. She has started multiple businesses, including FABO Coffee Art Bar and Tank*s Tap Craft Beer Bar. Amy earned a B.A. in Communications from Purdue University.

This episode is perfect for anyone interested in smart cities, circular economies, idea generation, reincarnation and evolving over many lives.

In This Episode
In This Episode


  • Amy explains Envision Charlotte and its two buckets of projects.
  • She discusses its core mission and how it goes about it work.
  • She talks about changing consumer behaviors in the land of plenty.
  • She addresses the relationship between Envision Charlotte and Duke Energy.
  • Amy defines what makes a smart city.
  • She identifies the one area she would invest in to make a city smarter.
  • She considers the human element of being a smart city.
  • She talks about Envision America.
  • Amy explains the Innovation Barn, waste streams and the circular economy.
  • She answers why she does this work.
  • She reflects on growing up in Indiana and a defining family experience.
  • She discusses changing her major at Purdue University, being a social director, moving to Atlanta, and finding her way to Charlotte.
  • Amy shares her entrepreneurial ventures and what comes up when her name is Googled.
  • She reveals what is at the deep core of her curiosity.
  • She shares what comforts her and evolving as a soul.
  • She talks about the life lessons she is re-learning.
  • Amy identifies the book that rocked her world.

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