Matt Cosper — Beyond the Veil: On Life and Meaning

Matt CosperMatt Cosper is founder and artistic director of XOXO, an experimental theater ensemble in Charlotte, North Carolina. He has created eight original works for the stage since 2009, winning Charlotte Magazine’s Best of the Best Award for theater twice. His professional theater credits include acting and directing with the Children’s Theatre of Charlotte, the Oregon Children’s Theatre, Actors Theatre of Charlotte, Carolina Actors Studio Theatre and Theatre Charlotte. In addition to his work as a theater maker, he is a member of the Goodyear Arts collective, curating exhibitions and artist residencies in Charlotte. Matt is a member of the Network of Ensemble Theatres and the American Association for Theatre and Education. He is also Director of Theatre Arts at Charlotte Latin School, an independent day school. He earned a Bachelor’s of Arts in Performance from Greensboro College.

This episode is perfect for anyone interested in theater making, the fractal nature of existence, Zen koans, magical realism and accessing the sublime. 

In This Episode
In This Episode
  • Matt discusses the term ‘theater maker,’ theater as an art form, and the role of the audience in witnessing theater.

  • He talks about the presence of clowns and the absurd in his work.

  • He discusses inviting people into a liminal space of reality, accessing the sublime, and connecting to the sacredness of the present.

  • Matt talks about reconciling faith with skepticism, the fractal nature of existence and eternal return.

  • He considers whether his work is similar to Zen koans, whether he feels an obligation to entertain, and the influence of David Lynch, Magical Realists and the Romantics.

  • Matt talks about being born in California, his genetic predispositions, and having a ‘Lucifer complex.’

  • He recalls the biography that led him to read Symbolist poetry and considers whether his plays are chapters from one book.

  • Matt reveals the people who haunt his work and what is beyond the veil.

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