Stephen Valder — Midlife Mission: On Life and Meaning

Stephen ValderStephen Valder is a pediatrician who practiced medicine for 24 years. He was a partner at Pediatrics before retiring in 2016. He has since become interested in addressing the issue of affordable housing as an individual unaffiliated with a non-profit organization. He is vice chair of the West Side Charlotte Community Land Trust, an owner of housing units that he rents to low-income residents, and an advocate for several affordable housing solutions. Stephen earned a Bachelor’s degree in biology at Duke University and an M.D. at Baylor College of Medicine.

This episode is perfect for anyone interested in aptitudes and motivations, civic engagement, affordable housing, the obligations of privilege, and living one’s values. 

In This Episode
In This Episode


  • Stephen describes how his first day of practice as a pediatrician was like his last day of practice, and what motivated him to retire from the practice of medicine.

  • He discusses applying multiple aptitudes on confined tasks.

  • He talks about the factors he balanced when deciding to retire from medicine.

  • Stephen explains why he became interested in affordable housing and how he has gone about contributing to solutions.

  • He discusses whether renting out his properties is a business or a mission.

  • Stephen considers whether he is more fulfilled in retirement and the benefits and the obligations of privilege.

  • He talks about growing up in Charlotte, the influence and example of his parents who were active in civil rights, and the one person he met at Duke University who has had the most impact on his life.

  • Stephen reveals what he wants his life to be about.

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