Traditional Storytelling: My Lucky Day

Enjoy the retelling of this story by Mercede W. and see what happens when Mr. Wolf attempts to get some dinner, but runs into Piglet instead!

Author: Keiko Kasza
Performed by: Mercede


Hello. My name is Mercede Walker, children’s staff member, at Charlotte Mecklenburg Library.

Today, I am going to tell the story “My lucky day” by Keiko Kasza.

Knock, knock, knock, knock, knock. “Ohhhh rabbit! Are you home?” – “Ha, ha, ha! Rabbit? If there were any rabbits in here, I would have had them for breakfast!” So wolf goes to the door, and opens the door, and he see’s standing there, a delicious, fat, piglet. (pig) “Huhhh. Ohhhh!” (wolf) “Ohhhh! ho, ho! This must be my lucky day! Knock that off and the dinner comes knockin at your door. Get in here!” So wolf began to get that piglet ready. “I’m going to have me a delicious pig roast. So I’m going to roast you and eat you up. Now get in that oven!”

“Well Mr. Wolf, I, I know you would like to have a, a, a fat pig and I, I haven’t eaten since last night, so maybe you should fatten me up.” Wolf thought this over. “Okay!” So wolf ran out. And he picked tomatoes, and he made tomato sauce, and he built a fire, and then he boiled water and he boiled spaghetti, he chopped up a salad, he made cookies, and he put it all in front of Piglet. “Now eat up Piglet!” And the piglet enjoyed the meal. “Now you’re full! Now get in that oven!”

“Well Mr. Wolf, I, I, know umh that that you want, want a clean pig, and on the way over it was kind of hot, and there was this mud puddle, and I couldn’t help myself. So I kind of wallowed in the mud puddle. Wouldn’t you like a clean pig? Shouldn’t I have a bath?” The wolf thought about this. “Okay. You’re right.” So wolf ran outside, and he drew some water from the well, and he built another fire, and he boiled the water, and he poured it in the pot. And he put that pig in the water and he scrubbed, scrubbed, scrubbed, scrubbed, scrubbed, and he got the pig all clean, and that he sat him down and said. “Now you’re clean, now you’re fat! Now get in that oven!”

Then piglet said. “Well Mr. Wolf, I ‘m sure you’d like a tender roast. Umm and I’ve been working kind of hard and I’m kind of tough. I’m sure I’m not going to be as scrumptious as you like. Maybe I could use a massage.” Wolf thought about that. “Alright, alright, alright!” So Wolf got on the piglets’ shoulders and he massaged his shoulders, and he did the little choppy thing, and he did it, dah da, da, dah da, da. Oh, oh yeah, right there, ok, oh yeah that feels good, oh you hit that spot. Good job, good…”

“Wolf???” Wolf had passed out, cause Wolf was so tired. “Poor Mr. Wolf.” So Piglet jumps down off the massage table, grabs the cookies, and goes home. When Piglet gets home, Piglet looks at his address books and says. “Huh! What a great meal! What a great bath! What a great massage! This must be my lucky day!” And he starts to thumb through his address book to see who else he’s going to visit tomorrow. The End.

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