Telling Our Story: James Scott Anderson

Telling Our Story

In today’s episode, we turn our spotlight on community member, James Anderson. Mr. Anderson is a poetry writer, artist, and author. In this video, Mr. Anderson gives insight into his childhood and events in his life that have influenced him.

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    Jill Muenzner
    October 18, 2018 7:15 PM

    I absolutely loved this Spotlight on James. He has such a gentleness about him and it moved me every time he mentioned his dear grandmother.

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    karen kimbrel
    November 5, 2018 8:08 PM

    Great hearing Mr. Anderson’s story! Remarkable dude.

  • I think this is the guy who was found murdered yesterday. Very sad, seems like a very nice person who has had a difficult life.

  • Goodbye Scott, thank you for your poetry and warm spirit, thank you Pam for keeping us informed, and thank you Bethany and Charlotte Mecklenburg library for allowing me to hear his voice one last time.

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    Shamona Brice
    April 8, 2019 11:34 PM

    I work at Wendy’s I remember seeing him sometimes at my job he was a sweet person! Rip James.

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    Emily Sagor
    April 9, 2019 7:17 PM

    I knew and loved knowing Mr Anderson. If asked to describe him, the first word to come to mind would be kind. I love hearing that kindness is one of the things that mattered most to him. I was always happier after I ran into him and received one of his hugs. Thank you for capturing him so beautifully. What a gift it was to watch this while mourning his death.

  • Scott was my brother. Thank you for publishing this. Our family lost touch with our brother when he went to Charlotte NC, we had no way of knowing where he was and how to find him. He stopped contacting us. Though this article made me cry a lot, it was so wonderful to see his face and hear his voice one more time. Thank you all that made my brother feel loved. I’m grateful he was able to find such wonderful people that became his family. I’ll be forever grateful for all of you.

  • I’m so saddened by this . One of the sweetest people. Loved talking to him leaving work . I was worried after not seeing him for a long time. Can’t believe this .

  • I am Scott’s one and only child (that we know of anyway) . I lost touch with my biological father I’d say at the age of 12…. I didn’t see much of him either after I was born and him and my mom (the high school sweetheart he spoke if marrying) divorced. I remember being about 10 begging my mom to let me go see him in Madison. I was so excited to finally get to know my real Dad. Unfortunately events that took place there made me never want to see him again. And I didn’t. Its nice and good to know and hear that he was actually a good person to people. I do believe he had some serious mental health problems that he never received help for. To me that’s unfortunate…. I wish I had the chance to know this person everyone else got to. But that’s life. I’m grateful he touched so many in a good way, I really am. When he passed away, his side of the family got in touch with me and said they wanted to stay in touch, but unfortunately they must have lied because I don’t talk to any of them anymore…. Very hard. Just a very hard time in my life…. RIP Scott…. I think you are now hopefully where you need to be.

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