Telling Our Story: Surabhi Kaushik

Telling Our Story

In today’s episode, we meet community member and Library volunteer Surabhi Kaushik. She talks about her life in India, and how joining an active writing community has helped her find a home here in Charlotte.

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  • An interesting interview. The speaker is confident and honest in her expressions. She mentioned about learning from others and I suppos3 that’s a true lesson we also should adopt .

  • It’s refreshing to feel the positivity of the author that comes through the interview. It just shows how good is the world if you keep the windows of your mind open.

  • Confident. Positive. Inspiring. Surabhi Kaushik, your journey is a treat for those who are in the same field and looking for a way to make a mark. I hope more and more people read it and get inspired. Here is wishing you many more feathers in the cap. Looking forward to your writing.

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    Sowdhamini Murthy
    November 24, 2018 5:32 PM

    Yes, Surabhi Kaushik you can! Very inspiring journey and very happy to see you growing as a writer. Your enthusiasm to get to the top is inspiring. Wish more success comes your way. Keep going!

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