An Introduction to Rookie Science

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Video Transcript:

Hello junior scientists, my name is Miss Alicia from Charlotte Mecklenburg Library, and I’m a staff member with children’s services. Are you ready to do some hands-on science experiments that will train your brain to think scientifically? I hope you answered with a yes!

Most of the science activities will need you to use common household items. All instructions and materials used for each science project will be listed underneath each video. You will practice using scientific steps through observing changes made during each science activity and by examining what you did after completing the science projects. Choose from a variety of science projects to explore. You can get your hands messy with making your own batch of slime. Or maybe determine which cylinder shapes can hold up the weight of a book. Learn new science words to impress your friends and family. And gain a new understanding about how things work.

Please remember, before starting any science activity, to get permission from your parents. Let’s get started!

rookie-science_Pumpkin Volcano
rookie science chromatography
rookie science brain protection
rookie science column strength
rookie science dancing raisins
rookie science food color experiment
rookie science how does a diaper work
rookie science luminescence

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